Finnish Lapland locates around Arctic Circle (66° 33′ 39″) where midnight sun shines in the summer and northern lights in the winter. The nature of the Lapland is clean – you can drink the water in the mountain rivers and the air is one of the cleanest in the world. Lapland nature is great environment for the arctic berries to grow intensively during the short summer and to rest during the long winter. To survive in the hard conditions berries produce vital ingredients, which makes the berries to be the superfood of the nature.

99,9 % of the Finnish forest in Lapland is organic certified. Nature takes care of the arctic forest – no chemicals are used. The berries are hand-picked from July to September.

Lapland WildFood is a Finnish company which offers different kind of natural products which origin is in the Arctic Europe.

Our products are pure, health and unique.

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Lapland WildFood is a Finish organic food supplier.

Our products are pure, health and unique.